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Our Story


Our orthodontics lab was established back in 1981. The first lab in Thessaloniki and one of the firsts in Greece. Since then, it has evolved along the market, always working with the best! MOS  is a company that has dealt with ortho over the past 42 years. We know ortho.


Born in 1957 in Thessaloniki, Greece, Mr. Metaxas has evolved into one of the most successfull orthodontic technicians in Greece and abroad. 


His education consists of 2 years studies in Paster orthodontic technical school in Thessaloniki and a year of graduate studies in prosthetics in Lichtenstein. Furthermore, three years of practice in the University of Toronto prepared him to enter the space on a head start.


Since then, he has managed to lead his lab through tough circumstanses containing the top quality of our products.


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